Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Here's a sketch I did at the request of my girlfirend. It's for one of her
nursing instructors.
...I like nurses.

When one of my good pals hangs out with us, he gets wasted and does this
freakish pervert voice to make people feel sick.
He also tries to poke you with his thumb. It's quite disturbing, but at the same time extremely funny
... as long as it's not happening to you.
So I drew this sketch up in hopes that he could see how messed up he looks when he does it.
I think he was disturbed by it.
It honestly happens just the way I have it there.

This last pic is of me and serve's as more of a "shout out" to Mike Myre and the super cool comix he's making these days.

Space Jet's the shiznit.