Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

Capt Jones

This is pretty much how my pops looks if you see him on one of his many walks around the city.
Notice the excellent retiree attire. (say that ten times fast)
The practicality of this attire is easily explained.

-The parka is to shield him from the cool ocean air that can sweep into the coastal city.
-The RCMP hat is there in case he runs into trouble with the cops. -They'd spot the hat, and figure he's a retired cop. To which they'll give him a break if he's caught pissing off parking ticket commissionaires by walking a block ahead and plugging all the timed-out meters with quarters.
-The golf club serves as protection against aggressive, unleashed k-9's which he occasionally comes across on his walking adventures around the city.
-And finally, the socks are there, too add a more multi-seasonal aspect to what he considers the worlds most excellent footwear..."Birkenstock's"

So at first glance, this may appear to be just a good natured senior of whom possesses no fashion sense or awareness...

...But alas, dig a little deeper, and one may just see that he actually makes more sense than most things do in a world that's stripped of simple well being and practicality, only to be replaced by flashy,
head up your own ass, designer clothes that wreak of materialism. I'm pretty sure I'll be exchanging the ipod for the golf club one day as well.

As he would quote from his Buddhist studies... "Ask not of 'WHY' things are, ...but 'WHAT' of the reasons are behind them.

Friday, January 04, 2008