Monday, August 14, 2006

Here's a character line up I designed for a new project at work.
Every now and then they give a little freedom to come up with concepts I think might be cool.
So far, I'm having a blast working on something that's 100% mine.
Well... 100% created by me, but unfortunately not 100% owned by me.
In a way, the idea that I'll never own it, always motivates me to work harder on my own personal projects.
But I won't get into that or else I'll start writing about my bitterness in
"working for the man" instead of myself.
No matter. It's nice when work is fun, so I'm grateful.


Briscoe said...

I love your attitude rob, so positive! btw i liked you to my page, hope u dont mind ;D


Mike said...

hee hee, Lian looks like Ocean.

Awesome stuff, Jones

Doctor Jones said...

Lian IS Ocean.
Cameron used to have glasses and was called "Mike".
Unfortunately in the end, I didn't have the liberty of naming these guys.

But wait till you see them move!

Mike said...

ha ha, sweet.