Monday, October 02, 2006

Here's a link to one of the first eps.
I didn't have a lot of time to do it in, so I have this ,"Awww shit, I shoulda done that instead" feeling whenever I watch it. The scripts I get for these are pretty dry, so any time you laugh even a bit, I think I'll take credit for it. The company I do these for is grateful enough to give me some creative control over what makes it into the script, so as long as I stick to the gist of the first draft, I can put in any gags I come up with along the way.
The term "Gags" I use loosely. -Pretty PG.
Anyways, not bad fer a first go if I may say so.

Orbit High


Mike said...

Very nice one Rob! I like the photo backgrounds a lot. Cool!

Alexiev said...


Kimberley said...

Hoping this is the " Rob Jones"... the one I knew since going to Tillicum El.... if its not, Hi anyways! ( fun to see the blog anyhow!)
I googled your name when my little guy wanted to know more about animation... I thought of you and wanted to see if you had gotten into it. I had to cheer when I saw your profile and stuff about your short on one of the sites.
Happy for you!!! Funny story about the " drug facts for Kids" thingy too.... Let me know if it is you.... I would love to touch base! Kimberley

Doctor Jones said...

Hey, Kim!
I havn't chatted with you in a damn long time!
Weird timing, too. Was just looking at an old picture from kindergarten we were in.

I'm not too keen on posting my email address up here cuz I'm deathly scared of evil internet goblins.
But once I get a second, I'll create a temperary email account you can find me at and I'll post it here.
Would be great to catch up.
Talktooya soon!

Hukam said...

I will not be happy if it publishes my 4 different replies that are essentialy the same on here..... it wont let me sign in for som reason!
I shamefully have a myspace profile ( kept in touch with Mel And Jo through there.... for a Laugh... or a completely baffled moment.... check out Va Va Vanderbusts profile.) You could find me there... easy to email me that way too.
I had to sign in with my hubbys old account... cant figure out how I got in here the other day!

Doctor Jones said...

Won't let me check out myspace without making an account with them.
If you email me at, you can leave me an address to mail you at from my real email address.