Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My new Lighthouse Lamp. I love it.
Apparently used to belong to my Gramps who was a submarine engineer during the first world war.
It's made of heavy lead, and the shade is made of deer hide, I'm pretty sure.

I replaced all the doohickies so it would light up again. -Worth every penny.
I freakin' love looking at it on my desk, and have thus dubbed it,
'My Favorite Lamp Ever'.


Mike said...

pretty fuckin cool lamp. What're those thar wizard types on yer Flash there for?

Doctor Jones said...

Thank you for your props to my lamp. It receives many a props from many a visitors.
I shall start charging and entrance fee to see it soon.
You my friend, my have a couple seasons passes.

"The War of the Wiz"
I've a few ideas I've been kicking around. This one makes fun of of the whole D&D/Tolkien universe.

Got another project to do with Hockey too.

Mike said...

You know, Gramps was one of the very first submarine engineers in the country. The first subs Canada bought were from Spain, and Gramps was one of the rare few engineers who spoke and read Spanish! Tru dat yo!!