Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The company I work for creates
online teaching
tools, programs, and websites for teachers and students.
For the last month er so, I've been working on a series on mini animations for a website that's aim is to make learning math fun and entertaining.
When I was asked to create a little mini show that could support this site, I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Reason being, I fuggin' hate math. I failed it numerous times in highschool. -Ironic I'd get to work so hard on something that contradicts my feelings towards what it teaches.
Anyways, somehow I managed to
pull something out of my hat that
I think might have a bit of potential.
So here's my creation.

Click the link


Tyler said...

Not too shabby Jones, Not too shabby at all

Doctor Jones said...

Thanx, T-Shro.
It's about as high quality I can get without having it run too slow online.
It's tuff when these kids in the states who get to watch them only have a dial up connection.
Cripes, the stuff on your blog looks stellar!
I knew you've been working on some super cool stuff.

Mike said...

Super sweet Jones!!

I wonder why aliens care about human education though.

mike g said...

mr rob!
fancy finding you online...
that clip looked amazing!
for some reason i couldnt get the other one from the post above to play for me though...
keep up the great work!
lookin fabulouuuuuussss